Why choose Luxury?

A Luxury mattress is inimitable in its excellent features and provides intense well-being feelings. That is why we choose Luxury: 50 years of experience Over 50 years of history, lived with entrepreneurial courage and continued competitive challenge, represent a guarantee of customers and market knowledge, which translate into great professionalism and efficiency, the essential requirements for a final product characterized by highest quality. 100 % Made in Italy Our products, all designed, engineered and manufactured entirely in Italy, are the result of an ’extensive experience in mattresses production, gained nearly in half a century. Search of continuous improvement Our production is the expression of an heritage of artisanal skills, technical knowledge and technological handed down from one generation to another, which, enriching itself with more and more innovative and original content, makes ​​possible today the creation of high quality products...
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Thanks to its 50 years of experience The Rinaldi Group company, with the goal of improving the sleep welfare of his customers through products originally designed, made with the utmost attention to details and with a constant selection of the best materials and fabrics suppliers, is able today to satisfy the most exigent demands of luxury Hotels, spas, renowned designers, specialists in the inside decor and its customers always in search of innovation and good-looking design. All our mattresses are designed and made in Italy with high quality materials, checked and guaranteed, able to combine functionality to the most elegant and refined design, transforming the rest in a pleasant wellness dream. The collection includes 5 different items that represent a full range of choice, thanks to the use of different technologies skillfully combined to shape innovative mattresses and to satisfy...
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The search of new materials, the use of high quality raw materials that respect the consumer health, the high standards of the manufacturing techniques and the artisanal skilled textures typical of a Made in Italy product able to combine the functionality to the more elegant and refined design, are one of the essential corporate strategy features. Luxury presents a collection of products that represent an evolved, complete and highly response varied both in the number of mattresses models than in the different technologies skillfully combined to give shape to innovative solutions able to perform an active function in giving to the body and the spirit the right psycho-physical balance. Choose a Luxury mattress means choosing a mattress of quality personalized, customized according to different rest needs. Memory Foam ® ( intro) Innovative visco-elastic foam material capable to support the body...
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