Thanks to its 50 years of experience The Rinaldi Group company, with the goal of improving the sleep welfare of his customers through products originally designed, made with the utmost attention to details and with a constant selection of the best materials and fabrics suppliers, is able today to satisfy the most exigent demands of luxury Hotels, spas, renowned designers, specialists in the inside decor and its customers always in search of innovation and good-looking design.

All our mattresses are designed and made in Italy with high quality materials, checked and guaranteed, able to combine functionality to the most elegant and refined design, transforming the rest in a pleasant wellness dream.

The collection includes 5 different items that represent a full range of choice, thanks to the use of different technologies skillfully combined to shape innovative mattresses and to satisfy the different rest exigencies for each client.

Our research and design center, in collaboration with the departments of prestigious Italian universities, ensures continued growth of our technical know-how which, day after day, translates into innovative and more comfortable products able to play an active role in giving back to your body and your spirit the energy lost during daily activities .

Our goal is to ensure a healthy and restfully rest to everybody, giving you the opportunity to have, in your room, the quality and comfort of a luxury hotel suite.