The search of new materials, the use of high quality raw materials that respect the consumer health, the high standards of the manufacturing techniques and the artisanal skilled textures typical of a Made in Italy product able to combine the functionality to the more elegant and refined design, are one of the essential corporate strategy features. Luxury presents a collection of products that represent an evolved, complete and highly response varied both in the number of mattresses models than in the different technologies skillfully combined to give shape to innovative solutions able to perform an active function in giving to the body and the spirit the right psycho-physical balance. Choose a Luxury mattress means choosing a mattress of quality personalized, customized according to different rest needs.
Memory Foam ® ( intro) Innovative visco-elastic foam material capable to support the body in a natural way during the rest. Due to the special molecular structure of which is composed, it adapts itself perfectly to the different forms thanks to the body temperature ensuring the maximum comfort.
Memory Foam ® ( description) Innovative and very complex, originally developed by NASA to protect astronauts from gravitational forces during takeoff phases. The main component of Memory Foam ® is a special visco-elastic high density foam, thermo sensible and self-shaping, with incredible ergonomic characteristics. The Memory Foam ® takes its shape according to the body temperature, without generating any pressure, encouraging the proper blood circulation and giving the right support to the spinal column for a healthy and regenerating rest. In our mattresses the Memory Foam ® has been combined with other technologies to develop customized supports in rigidity, acceptance, support capabilities and breathability.

Polyurethane foam (intro)

Elastic polyurethane foam made of different densities that provides an optimum and durable support, and preserves its natural shape. The water-based expanded polyurethane is composed by an open cell structure that under the body weight and movements, it compresses and extends itself allowing the passage of fresh air that disperses the humidity. Polyurethane foam (description)
Innovative polyurethane foam , indeformable, lightweight, practical and perfectly self-shaping able to always ensure a correct alignment of the spinal column. Its reticular opened cells structure employs water as a spreading element, allowing a better aeration of the finished product and denoting a high elastic capacity. The special natural composition of plant origin, without CFC or other atmosphere damaging materials, makes it an hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial material with a low environmental impact.

Independent pocket springs (intro)
The independent pocket springs, designed for those who prefer a system closer to the traditional spring one, represent an evolution of the rest concept due to their capability to respond individually to the weight pressure adapting themselves perfectly to the body morphology in consideration of the individual pressure points which it is subjected. Independent pocket springs ( description)
The independent pocket springs system represents the newest evolution of traditional spring system. Diametrically variable from 1,8 to 2,0 mm, springs are contained in breathable fabric pockets linked to other pockets through resistant stitching. Each spring reacts to the body’s different pressure coefficient at the best and replies properly to spurs activating a differentiated support, following the natural body shape and ensuring a healthy and comfortable rest. All our mattresses are provided with 7 variable weight bearing zones, interchanging themselves to render an ergonomic support which relaxes the muscular apparatus. The dark-colored pockets contain springs with higher thickness to better support the head, the feet and the lumbosacral area. The clear-colored pockets contain springs with fewer thickness which gives a calibrated support to the shoulders and legs.

Box System (intro)

Structure that ensures a perfect ergonomically rest, supporting in a balanced way the body shapes distributing its weight over the entire surface ensuring an anatomical and flexible support. Solidity and durability are its main distinguishing features.
Box System (description) The completely tested Box System technology, thanks to the use of harmonic steel with high carbon content ,  grants levels of resistance to pressures and reliability along the years. The biconical Bonnel springs composing our special springing have an increased diameter (2,4 mm) which makes them able to absorb enormous quantity of elastic energy, burdening without deforming itself under the body weight pressure. The resistance tests realized in our laboratory have reached a very high yield strength (140-170 Kg./m2), that make our products ten years guaranteed.